Chicken Tikka Salad
Spicy tikka chicken is served with a salad of leaves, carrot and onions in this delicious and filling no-cook dish.

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  • 10 mins (+90 minutes roasting time)
  • Serves 6
  • Easy
  • 180°C for the chicken
Chicken Tikka Salad

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Adjust Servings:
For the chicken
1 large whole ready-to-roast chicken or buy a rotisserie bird or sliced chicken from the deli
2-3 tbsp. tikka curry paste
For the salad
2 large carrots, peeled
2 small wholemeal pitta breads
a small bag of salad leaves
2 large red onions - sliced finely

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Water down the yogurt and mango chutney slightly if you want to drizzle some on top - it'll help with the runny consistency.



    • For the chicken

    • For the salad



    I love tikka chicken; it’s one of those things I always order as a starter in an Indian restaurant.  When chicken is cooked in tikka paste, it not only becomes wonderfully pungent but also crispy and caramelised too.  It’s perfect for a salad as you can eat it hot or cold and this Chicken Tikka Salad recipe takes a standard chicken salad into a whole other world.

    You can use any type of salad leaves that you want, although I fear the humble iceberg lettuce would be rather overpowered.  Instead, try to choose something with a bit of bite and peppery flavour.  Here, I’ve drizzled Greek yogurt and mango chutney over the top (both slightly watered down to get the runny consistency), but if you were taking this as a packed lunch I suggest you transport the sauces separately and drizzle just before you eat.  Don’t forget a fork – it’s a messy one!

    If you want to follow the whole recipe and cook your own tikka chicken, it really is as simple as rubbing 2-3tbsp. tikka paste over the raw bird before roasting it as normal (about 90 minutes on 180°C for a large bird).  If, however, time is tight or you want to make this a no-cook dish, then simply buy ready-prepared cooked tikka chicken and start the instructions at step #2.



    90 minutes

    To roast the chicken yourself

    Using your hands, rub the whole raw chicken with the tikka curry paste, making sure to get it into all the little nooks and creases. Roast the chicken on 180°C for about 90 minutes (or as per packet instructions). Take care to wash your hands carefully after handling – raw chicken can be dangerous.

    10 minutes

    If using pre-cooked chicken

    You can either serve this salad hot, or wait for the chicken to cool. Either way, once it’s cooked thoroughly, pull the chicken apart into large chunks using your hands; there is no need to properly carve the meat or slice it elegantly – we’re going for a rustic salad here!


    Using a standard vegetable peeler, peel long strips from your carrots until they are both used up. Then, tear the pitta breads into strips with your hands. If you're serving this as a warm salad, you can toast the pitta first too, if you like.


    Grab a large plate or platter and spread out the salad leaves. Next, scatter over the carrot shavings, sliced onions and pitta-bread strips. Finally, place the torn chicken on top, spread out nicely so that every person gets a good helping. You can drizzle over some yogurt and mango chutney too, if you like, or serve them alongside for dipping.


    Take the platter to the table and allow everyone to help themselves! This is also a great salad to take in a lunchbox and is perfect as a no-cook supper, too.


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